Kaoru Abe - Solo Live At Gaya

I appreciate that if you don't get free-form jazz/sax then you are having a bad week on here. Ah well!

If you do, then you will already know that Kaoru Abe was the epitome. Between 1990 and 1991, DIW released 10 volumes of his Solo Live At Gaya sets. In 1995, they brought them all together as an 11 disc box set with the true bonus of "Kaoru Abe and Yoshisaburo Toyozumi - Duo Live At Gaya" that features two sessions recorded in 1977 and 1978 respectively.

It's all in 16bit flac and weighs in at around 2.7GB. Deocliciano, I hope you've finally got around to buying a new external drive!













Toyozumi Unit - The Masterpiece

Kazutoki Umezu on bass clarinet and alto sax, Hiroaki Katayama on tenor and baritone sax, Haruki Sato on the old trombone with Sabu in his usual seat.

Simply gorgeous!

16bit flac rip of the (apparently) never reissued LP released on ALM-Uranoia in 1981.

The Masterpiece


Sabu Toyozumi - Kosai Yujyo

This is a collaborative process featuring a host of (almost exclusively) European artists which gives this a distinctly different feel to the previous Sabu projects that I've posted. There are sections that bring 200 Motels into my mind's eye ... I consider that a good thing.

Double CD released on Improvising Beings and INaudible in 2012.

Kosai Yujyo


Der Mußikant - Distanz

A 2005 CD that compiles songs originally released in 1980, 1981 and 1982. They were taken from the "Schöne Musik Für Schöne Menschen Aus Einer Schönen Welt", "Huch" and "Unerhört" cassettes by Der Lustige Musikant, "Kleine Seele Springst Im Tanze..." tape by Der Ewige Musikant, the "Veitstanz" 7" by Der Künftige Musikant, plus one song taken from a compilation LP. Of course, all of those "bands" are just Rolf Schobert under various pseudonyms, and they all sound pretty similar too: stark, austere yet jaunty synth-pop with a typically German silliness. Recommended for fans of the Tape Attack blog, or anyone interested in the sub-sub-underground of DIY bare-bones synth bands that sprang up in the wake of DAF, Suicide, and The Human League.

Der Mußikant - Distanz


Kaoru Abe & Sabu Toyozumi - Overhang Party / Senzei

There is little that needs to be said apart from that this contains previously unreleased material recorded live at Gaya in Tokyo in 1978. Much much more Live At Gaya coming soon ...

Double LP released on Qbico in 2004.

Overhang Party / Senzei


Yoshisaburoh Toyozumi - Sabu - Message To Chicago

When Sabu says that this is a message to Chicago, he really means it. It's a message of love and respect. It's a message to Roscoe Mitchell and Malachi Favors straight from the heart.

Naturally, Sabu is behind the kit and there's Ukaji Shoji wrestling with a baritone sax and Ryo Hara on piano (both of them were members of New Jazz Syndicate).

Originally an LP released in 1974, it took another 19 years before anybody thought that people who weren't there at the time might love this.

CD released on PJL in 2003.

Sabu - Message To Chicago


Sabu Brötzmann Duo - Live In Japan 1982

Obviously this is Sabu and Peter Brötzmann in full on drum and sax collapse construction. If that's not enough then I am wasting my time.

CD released on Improvised Company in an edition of 750 in 1999.

Discogs has this as an edition of 350. It's self evidently not. Even though 750 is a small edition, maybe the misreporting goes some way to explaining why it's on sale there for £212.85. I'm in a grouchy mood ... but just saying.

Live In Japan 1982


Bailey, Sabu, Brötzmann - Live In Okayama

Derek Bailey, Peter Brötzmann and Sabu Toyozumi. Peter and Sabu on the first, Derek flying solo on the second. All setting up the finale where all three wreck the joint. Free form jazz collapse at your pleasure!

CD released in Japan on Improvised Company in 2000 in an edition of 550.

Live In Okayama


Ambre - Nebka/Térébrant

Ambient 7" single released in an edition of 100 copies by Klanggalerie (the successor to Syntactic) in 2002.

Ambre - Nebka-Térébrant


Hayashi, Otomo, Toyozumi - The Crushed Pellet

Eiichi Hayashi on Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Otomo Yoshihide on Guitar, Turntables, Waterphone (?) and Small Objects (?!) and the legendary Sabu Toyozumi on drums. Just in case Yoshizaburo Toyozumi needs an introduction ... he's played alongside Anthony Braxton, Peter Brötzmann, Kaoru Abe, Hijokaidan and many more. It's all mighty fine!

Double CD released on Improvised Company in 1999 in an edition of only 550.

The Crushed Pellet


Jun Togawa Unit - 極東慰安唱歌

Saccharine synth-pop that was originally released as an LP on Yen Records in 1985. Some of it is great, some of it makes me wince, some of it makes me laugh out loud. Reason enough I think.

CD released on Alfa in 1993.

Kyokutou Ian Shouka


Tomokawa Kazuki - 未発表ライブ 10枚組Box

Did somebody say that they wanted some more? Then how about a collection of live recordings ranging from 1985 to 2009?

Ten CD box set jointly released on P.S.F. Records and Youth Inc. in 2013.

one to four

five to seven

eight to ten


Tomokawa Kazuki - 星のプロセス = Hoshi no Process

One thing is certain, Tomokawa Kazuki doesn't like to limit his talents: folk singer, artist, actor, snappy dresser and all around raconteur. And all of the rest. These three discs compile previously released tracks, live material and previously unreleased tracks. The guitar on the first track goes off a bit Pink Floyd ... if your allergic to such extravagance, don't let it put you off too much, there's gold in them there hills.

Triple CD released on P.S.F. Records in 1998.



Gaspar Claus - Jo Ha Kyü

This is (in effect) the Occidental version that contains the same title track with two different First Contacts which I assume are the full recordings with Hiromishi Sakamoto and Otomo Yoshihide.

CD released on Important Records in 2013.

Jo Ha Kyü


Gaspar Claus - Jo Ha Kyü

Apparently, Jo Ha Kyü approximately translates to "beginning, break, rapid" in that all things should begin slowly, accelerate, and then end quickly. Gaspar spent three weeks in Japan recording with a treasure trove of musicians and (I'm assuming that) these recordings were then edited and mixed to create the magnificent title track.

On the title track there are: Eiko Ishibashi (vocals, piano and drums); Keiji Haino (vocals); Kakushin Nishihara (vocals and satsuma biwa); Ryuichi Sakamoto (piano); Hiromichi Sakamoto (electric cello); Sachiko M (sine wave); Otomo Yoshihide (turntable); Leonard Eto (wadaiko); Kazutoki Umezu (tenor saxophone); Kazuki Tomokawa (voice, guitar); and (obviously) Gaspar Claus throughout on cello.

On this Japanese digital edition there are also three additional "First Contacts" with Sachiko M, Eiko Ishibashi and Keiji Haino respectively that I again assume are the full recordings of their collaborations.

CD released on Modest Launch in 2013.

Jo Ha Kyü


Yasunao Tone - Untitled

Tone's career spans all the way back to the 1960s, when he was a key figure in the legendary and influential Group Ongaku and was at the forefront of radical Japanese avant-garde music and performance art. This eponymous album was released by the Asphodel label in 2003.

Yasunao Tone - Untitled


John Duncan & Carl Michael von Hausswolff - Our Telluric Conversation

John Duncan collaborating with Carl Michael von Hausswolff (aka King Michael I of The Kingdoms Of Elgaland-Vargaland) makes perfect sense. Even by the high standards rightly expected, this is a subtle triumph. Subdued and sparking drone meets spoken word noise.

CD released on 23five in 2006.

Our Telluric Conversation


va - Vatra/Brand

No idea what to make of this 1997 CD compilation, so I'm just going to leave it here for you. Five tracks by some people I've never heard of: NURR, Ivan Faktor, subREAL. One track by Sluik/Koerpershoek (you may have heard Ron Sluik's "Back to Burnsley" on Minimal Wave) and one by Kees de Groot (who made two cassettes of stark synth bloop in 1982). The disc ends with one long untitled track for which no artist is credited. What does it all mean? I haven't a clue.

va - Vatra/Brand


John Duncan - First Recordings 1978-1985 V1.2

... and just when you thought it couldn't get any better. This collection has a predominant focus on the early vinyl releases including his collaboration with Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni-Tutti and John's connections with the Los Angeles Free Music Society. Very recommended!

A glorious five LP and 7" box set released on the much lamented Vinyl-on-demand in 2012.




va - Ohrenschrauben/Ohrensausen

Double CD reissue of two excellent industrial compilations originally released as two separate LPs in 1985 by HNAS' Dom label in Germany. The reissue came out on the related Dragnet label in 1990. Quite a varied line-up of tape-splice tomfoolery, austere electric buzz, ugly noises and who-the-hell-knows electronic weirdness. There's some truly great stuff on here, including wonderful songs by P16.D4, Vagina Dentata Organ, Whitehouse, Toll, Current 93, The New Blockaders & Organum, Nurse With Wound, Chrystal Belle Scrod, Smegma, The Haters, Sema, Asmus Tietchens, and HNAS in a few guises (as themselves, and masquerading as Duka Bass Band and Mieses Gegonge). 

disc 1
disc 2


John Duncan - First Recordings 1978-1985

Wonderful collection of early tape releases from Mr Duncan receiving the loving VOD touch.

Triple LP released on Vinyl-on-demand in 2006.

First Recordings 1978-1985


John Duncan & Bernhard Günther - Home, Unspeakable

Here's a favorite of mine, released as a CD by trente oiseaux way back in 1996 and still profoundly shocking and powerful today. A slow-build of threateningly deep bass tones and bodiless clicks that demands full attention on headphones for the duration. The better your sound reproduction system, the more of this elusive music you'll hear. In other words, laptop speakers won't cut it. If you meet "Home, Unspeakable" at its level, however, it's one of those albums that you can hear hundreds of times and discover new facets with each listen. There isn't anything else that sounds like this.

John Duncan & Bernhard Günther - Home, Unspeakable


Kiyoshi Mizutani - Yokosawa-iri (12 Pieces Of Mixed Soundscape)

This is one of the most beautiful and life affirming set of field recordings that I've ever heard. Magical.

CD released on CMR in 2002.



Kiyoshi Mizutani - Scenery Of The Border: Environment And Folklore Of The Tanzawa Mountains

Kiyoshi Mizutani's work evolved into exquisite field recordings drawing true musicality from the world that surrounds us that we genuinely take for granted.

Double CD released on and/OAR in 2005.

Scenery Of The Border


Kiyoshi Mizutani / Hideaki Shimada / Kiyoharu Kuwayama - Gambetta

... and here they are joined by Hideaki Shimada who also recorded as Agencement.

CD released on Monochrome Vision in 2008.



Masami Tada & Morimura Yasumasa - Kokoro - Improvisation

Released on both LP and CD by Soh Gallery in 1998, this album is Tada's collaboration with "appropriation artist" Morimura Yasamasa.

Masami Tada & Morimura Yasumasa - Kokoro - Improvisation


Kiyoshi Mizutani & Kiyoharu Kuwayama - Interlude

A former member of Merzbow meets Lethe to create a suite of blissful otherworldly harmonic sound sculptures

CD released on and/OAR as part of the either/OAR series in 2011.



Masami Tada - 異 I [Sound Encounter Electric LIVE Recording]

Recorded in 1995, released by Soh Gallery in 1997.

Masami Tada - 異 I [Sound Encounter Electric LIVE Recording]


Akio Suzuki - Gelbe Musik Editions 1999 - 2000

The final part of the puzzle that includes three previously released and rare CDrs: Suzuki Type- Glass Harmonica; ’75.6.30; and Tanabata.

Double CD released on and/OAR in 2014.

Gelbe Musik Editions 1999 - 2000


Masami Tada - 無 Mu [Sound Encounter]

1998 CD by sound artist and East Bionic Symphonia alumnus Masami Tada, with some short tracks for bamboo and beanbags, then two electric live performance documents. Released by Soh Gallery.

Masami Tada - 無 Mu [Sound Encounter] 


Akio Suzuki - Rub Music

The second part of what would become the "either/OAR Editions 2014" set released as part of the label's either/OAR series ...

CD released and/OAR in 2014.

Rub Music


Masami Tada - 音 Ne [Sound Encounter]

Double disc album of live recordings in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, plus collaborations with Keiko Yamada and Makoto Ito on sound sculpture.

disc 1 Live Document A - In Europe 12-28 May, 1994
disc 2 Live Document B - Collaboration of Three Ears 17-18 Dec, 1993


Akio Suzuki - Dancing Cat

I don't have the Editions 2014 box set that Mrs Inside refered to but I do have it's constituent parts. This was recorded at Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi on July the 12th, 2008.

CD released in and/OAR in an edition of 50 in 2014.

Dancing Cat


Masami Tada - 存Son [Sound Improvisation]

1993 CD released by Tokyo's Soh Gallery by Tada Masami, a sound and performance artist and former student of Taj Mahal Traveller Takehisa Kosugi who first became known to listeners as part of the legendary East Bionic Symphonia, In his spare time, Tada and some other former East Bionic collaborators (notably, Che Mukai and Kazuo Imai) perform as Marginal Consort. These improvised percussion pieces are full of small, sparse movements not unlike Jeph Jerman's Animist Orchestra.

Masami Tada - 存Son [Sound Improvisation]


Various - Danza De La Vida - Rest In Peace, Again, Syntactic

The final in memoriam for the great Syntactic. Four of the tracks come from 7" releases with the remainder being previously unreleased. Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Werner Möbius, Andrew Liles, O Yuki Conjugate, Blaine L. Reininger, The Broken Penis Orchestra and more ...

CD released on Klanggalerie in 2007.

Danza De La Vida


Akio Suzuki - はごろも "Suzuki Type- Glass Harmonica"

A very small-run CDR by sound art pioneer Akio Suzuki. The music on this disc was reissued on the "either/OAR Editions 2014" 4xCD boxset (yet unheard by me), along with more archival material. Recorded in 1996 and initially available for sale only at the Gelbe Musik gallery and record shop in Berlin.

Akio Suzuki - Suzuki Type- Glass Harmonica


Various - Danza De La Muerte - R.I.P. Syntactic

And from the ashes of Walter Robotka's Syntactic, he formed Klanggalerie. What a fucking genius! As a doff of the cap to what had gone before, a lot of brilliant people remixed a lot of brilliant people's music. Listen to it or (if you don't trust me) look it up and then listen to it.

Double CD released on Klanggalerie in 2002.

Danza De La Muerte


Ted Milton & The BoBonus Beats - Postcard

In case you don't know, Ted Milton is the founder of the brilliant Blurt. This is the best way that I can think of sliding away from the inspirational and esoteric small vinyl releases of this great label.

Single-sided 7" released on Syntactic in 1995.



Free Agents - £3.33

Initially, this was a very mysterious Mancunian release and the details only came to light well after the event:

"While [Buzzcocks] are mixing 'Love Bites', the rest of The Tiller Boys play support to Gang Of Four at York University. The gig, played by Francis Cookson and Eric Ramsden, is recorded and subsequently released on Groovy Records - the off-shoot of The Tiller Boys call themselves Free Agents, and the record is both called, and sells for, £3.33p. Despite [Pete] Shelley's absence from the live recording, the remaining tracks which make up the album feature Shelley, Cookson and Alan [Deaves] (guitarist/vocalist with The Worst), recorded at Graveyard Studios in Prestwich, Manchester." There are even rumours that Barry Adamson is involved here somewhere.

LP released on Pete Shelley and Francis Cookson's Groovy Records in 1980.



Free Agents - Cyclic

Eric Ramsden (aka Eric Random), Andy Boothman, Tony Quigley and Seema Gupta. Definitely the most unlikely and best thing to evolve out of the Manchester punk-funk melting pot.

7" released on Syntactic in 1998.



Main - Coderays

At this time, Main was the work of Robert Hampson of the mighty Loop and Stephan Mathieu. Excellent dislocated guitar with Spacemen 3 styled hushed vocals.

Single-sided 7" released on Syntactic in 1995.



Scanner - Underwater / Gentle

Mutant techno doom courtesy of Robin Rimbaud.

7" released on Syntactic in 1995.

Underwater / Gentle


Christof Kurzmann - Sinn.Blau.Pause

Beautifully constructed sounds recorded in one channel with both left and right channels frequently having different content at the same time.

7" released on Syntactic in 1995.



Organum - Sanctus

More revelatory organ drone in the first of the trilogy.

CD released on Robot Records in 2006.



Organum - Amen

The second of the trilogy provides a stunning leap into deep thought. Hauntingly beautiful.

CD released on Die Stadt in 2006.



va - Lágrimas De Miedo 14 - Pornography: Re-heat

A fun CD from 2008 that came with an issue of the French music magazine Fear Drop. This is the entire Cure album "Pornography", every song in order, each covered by a different band.  Features tracks by Nadja, Troum, Contagious Orgasm, Savage Republic, Dirge, Year of No Light, and Kill the Thrill

va - Lágrimas De Miedo 14  - Pornography- Re-heat


Organum - Omega

Three tracks that repeat but seem to become deeper and more profound the more they play. Let David Jackman cleanse your mind with this third release in the trilogy.

CD released on Die Stadt in 2007.



Rapoon - Birethen / Amüz

Motorik shamanism courtesy of Zoviet France's co-founder Robin Storey.

7" released on Syntactic in 1996.

Birethen / Amüz


re-ups - Spring cleaning edition

Nerve Net Noise - 160/240
Nerve Net Noise - This Island Earth
Nerve Net Noise - Chamber Music for Factory
va - Masters of Japanese Electronic Music
va - Ju-Jikan: 10 Hours of Sound From Japan
va - Electronic Music Festival
va - Dokkiri Record
va - Ohren des Kaiser Hirohito
SBOTHI - The Sound Can Change/The Change Can Sound 
Dub Sonic Roots Meets Nerve Net Noise - Live at Uplink Factory November 3, 1996
Tagomago - Heavenly Music
Tagomago - Dead Souls
Brume - Anthology Box
Brume - Erstatz #0/Tout
Brume - Hysterical
Shallow Waters - I
Shallow Waters - II
Shallow Waters - III
Shallow Waters - IV
Shallow Waters - V
Ultra Bide - The Original Ultra Bide


Pornotanz - Immaculate

Minimal bedroom electro from Germany circa 1986, released as a cassette on the obscure NG Medien label. One member of this trio was a young Uwe Schmidt, who would later strike out on his own with cold industrial pop as Lassigue Bendthaus and then become an ultra-prolific producer of acid techno, computer jazz and more as Atom Heart.

Pornotanz - Immaculate


Asmus Tietchens - Von Mund Zu Mund 1

A theoretical trilogy of idiosyncratic intracellular mind manipulation from the unique Asmus Tietchens. Yeah, I still have no idea, I just admire alliteration.

7" released on Die Stadt in 1999.